This video goes over the Ryobi door hinge jig. I bought it a couple of months ago and used it to hang 5 doors in my home that i’m listing on the market soon.

You can find it here on amazon:
(Note: that Amazon model actually includes a door latch tool also!)

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A door hinge jig is a tool used to install door hinges accurately and easily. It allows you to mark the precise location for the hinge on the door and the door frame, ensuring that the door will hang correctly and close smoothly. The jig typically consists of a guide plate that attaches to the door or door frame, and a marking tool that attaches to the guide plate and is used to mark the location of the hinge.

Using a door hinge jig can save a significant amount of time and effort compared to installing hinges manually. The guide plate ensures that the hinge is placed in the correct location and at the correct angle, which eliminates the need for measuring and marking the door and frame by hand. This can be especially helpful if you are installing multiple hinges on multiple doors, as it ensures consistency and accuracy in the placement of all the hinges. Additionally, because the jig holds the door and the frame steady during installation, it is much easier to drill the pilot holes for the screws and install the hinges without any misalignment.