This quick video shows you how to program a garage door remote. This specific remote i’m using is universal and works pretty well! Link is below.

Universal garage door remote with battery: $12.85

A garage door remote is a device that uses radio frequency technology to communicate with the garage door opener. This allows the user to open and close the door remotely, without having to physically be at the door. The remote sends a coded signal to the opener, which then activates the motor to open or close the door. This code is unique to the remote and the opener, which helps to prevent unauthorized access.

The remote typically uses a small battery to power the RF transmitter, and the opener has a receiver that receives the signal and interprets the code. It’s important to keep in mind that if the remote’s battery is dead or if you’re out of range, the remote will not work. Additionally, if you lose your remote, you can contact the opener manufacturer and request a new code to program into a new remote. Overall, garage door remotes provide a convenient and secure way to operate your garage door.